About Us

JUMPINGCLASH CHALLENGE™ is a new equestrian Show Jumping format, designed to consolidate our sport. It will allow to change the competition into a great show, easy to understand and follow for new international fans and with new attractive spaces and contents for sponsors and partners.

The competition’s format will allow designing an innovative broadcasting program, full of action and thrill. New technologies will be applied, which will turn the competition into a real sport’s spectacle, with a great international coverage.

In this show, the audience will be able to experience a new “Head to Head” format; a direct competition between World’s best riders. This event will become the best introduction for 2017’s international competition calendar: JUMPINGCLASH CHALLENGE™.

We believe this innovative sport format has great potential for international fans and TV audience, branding strengths and many business opportunities.

We would like to thank the support that this project has received by International Equestrian Federation (FEI), Equestrian Spanish Federation, partners, sponsors, promoters and riders, to make this project real.

For all of this, we would like to share with you JUMPINGCLASH CHALLENGE™, the new global Show Jumping competition.


President & Founder of JumpingClash Challenge

“Our main goal is to create a show that draws the attention and raises interest of TV’s, big sponsors and new audiences. Thus, we will position the show jumping in the best status, always thinking in the benefit of all its players: riders, horses, owners, breeders, sponsors and promoters.”


CEO & Founder of JumpingClash Challenge

“I believe that JUMPINGCLASH CHALLENGE will be the perfect platform that enables the creation of new global stars. There is an unquestioned latent commercial value in the sports riders. Indeed, many of the top riders have exactly the right attributes that commercial companies are looking for.”

IMG Consulting

“There is an opportunity to build a consumer facing equestrian sports entertainment brand and one that clearly differentiates from traditional existing equestrian formats. JUMPINGCLASH CHALLENGE has the opportunity to set the lead in how a new equestrian sports entertainment product is marketed and exploited.”


"We believe this new competition series will enable a better understanding of the overall discipline, attracting more viewers and hopefully will boost its reach.

Its increased rythm would hopefully boost interest both in the equestrian community and in sports fans generally."

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